Poetry/Spoken Word/Writing
  • - This is sort of like AtlanticRock, except it is not. It is much more frequently updated, especially about happenings in the Minnesota African community.
  • Grandiose Parlor - A fellow MinneAfrican muses over Nigeria and Africa in general.
  • African in Chicago, an Oral History - The folks in Chicago are doing in plain language what I try to do in poetry.


  • Africa Confidential's Who is Who - This is a comprehensive bio of who-is-who in African politics. Wonderful resourse
  • Ivuka Arts Kigali - These brothers and sisters are doing something wonderful in Rwanda. As they say "Ivuka Arts Kigali is a group of established artists who are dedicated to discovering and nurturing young talent while launching Rwandan contemporary art to global heights."


Shops, etc
  • Intermedia Arts - One of the livest most creative organizations when it comes to "urban" art creation/development/support
  • Justaposition - I don't know much about this organization, but I see their name everywhere. That must mean something.
  • Studiiyo23 - An art space/gallery and retail shop (especially Jordan heads). It's an experience unlike any others (here or the nation for that matter.