Because we all deserve our own


1: Chameleon 2: 10 P.M.

On Wednesday November 10, I was one of 20 poets to perform at the Twin Cities Spoken Word Sampler, organized by Guante.

Here are the words to the first poem.




Superman (For a Day)

This use to be one of my fan favorites. I was asked to read it so many times, I got sick of it. But still love it. The Video: I stopped by the Poets Groove (one of my favorite open mics in the TC) at the Blue Nile one day to vibe with the live band.


Tonight Before Tomorrow

I was invited to write and perform a piece for the 2009 Governor's Commision on the MLK Birthday Celebration. Read the text. The Video: Slamming at the Soap Boxing Slam at the Artists Quarter sometime in 2010.


From I Am

This is my introduction piece. I love reading this to open a reading. The Video: Filmmaker and musicologies, Justin Shells, wanted to document what I do.