IBé was born in Kankan, Guinea; grew up between Koindu (Sierra Leone), Evanston (Illinois) and St. Cloud (Minnesota). Naturally, he lives in “The Middle of the Atlantic”…with a mailing address in Minneapolis, MN.

IBé is the recipient of a 2010 Midwestern Voices Award, a 2009 Urban Griots' Cultural Award, a 2005 Jerome/SASE Verve Grant, and a 2004 Minnesota Academy Award nominee for Best Spoken Word.

IBé writes that which he sometimes finds hard to say. Spoken word helps him say it. He is the author of “Bridge Across Atlantic”, a collection of poems about life between Africa and America.


A Rock in the Middle of the Atlantic (About AtlanticRock)

AtlanticRock is a state of mind, a manner of thinking, it is an embodiment of the impossible: me. And those like me. Since I cannot build my house in the real realm, here it is; in the cyber where all things are possible. I don't know what else to say about the site, but if you have a question, I hope you ask. I encourage your feedback, your disagreement and applause when it's called for. I hope you read, listen and interact...on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you know all those tools that make us feel less alone. If nothing else, I hope you get the Feed and stay up to date to all the happenings on the rock.


For the Curiosly Minded ( I am)

IBé. It may sound diva and all, but that’s it; just one three-letter word. If you want a last name, here’s the name my parents gave me: Ibrahima Kaba. Just two. We hardly have middle names where I come from. So it’s just “IBé” or “Ibrahima Kaba”. Please don’t combine “IBé” and “Kaba”. That is an insult to my family. And that is the last thing I (or you) want to do....more


Too Much Information (Footpath to America)

Ibrahima Kaba. I was born to a Maninka family in the town of Kankan in central Guinea in the year "right after the Great Hunger", as I've been told by many. When I was four years old, my mother gave me to her sister to raise. I guess you can say, adopt. Why? No reason in particular, just something my people do often. And so I moved to a small town in eastern Sierra Leone called Koindu....more


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