I am

IBé. It may sound diva and all, but that’s it; just one three-letter word. If you want a last name, here’s the name my parents gave me: Ibrahima Kaba. Just two. We hardly have middle names where I come from. So it’s just “IBé” or “Ibrahima Kaba”. Please don’t combine “IBé” and “Kaba”. That is an insult to my family. And that is the last thing I (or you) want to do.

I’m a writer. I observe, reflect upon, and write about it. I know journalists are writers too, but I’m not a journalist. I don’t write stories…at least not the way your local newspaper writers write them. I write essays, reflections on things I see, hear and feel. It’s is never objective. I don’t write without. There is always a little bit of me in everything I write. So yes, expect to find facts seasoned with my opinion. In other words, I use facts to support what I already suspect to be true. You will not only know where I stand, but why I stand where I stand. Even if you don’t agree, I hope it makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, please ask. I will be more than happy to clarify.

In that light, I am a poet. Specifically, a spoken word poet. Why spoken word? It’s the freedom. I like writing being about expressing to the outside that which is inside. The supreme concern is the content, with the only objective being it is not corrupted by the vehicle. So, I say as long as your words say exactly what you want them to say, then say it the way you know how to say it. That’s what spoken word gives me. It says, forget the pentameter and rhyme schemes dictated some 500 years ago by someone who does not even speak the same language as you do, make your own and let it rip.

So yes, spoken word is my vehicle of choice. I write poetry sometimes, but even then I let the content dictate the frame.

I found spoken word sometime between 1999 and 2000. Since then I’ve been writing and performing it. Sometime around 2003, I started “teaching” it. I’ve performed and had residencies from grade schools to grad schools, alternative schools to private schools, private homes to fortune 500 companies, from Minneapolis to New York City. Take a glimpse at the places I have been, and what people have to say about me and this play I take too seriously. If you are so moved, you can always buy by book, “Bridge Across Atlantic”.

Besides writing, I also like web design. I have a B.A. in Computer Information Systems, and work as an IT professional. In fact, incase you didn’t already know, AtlanticRock is entirely my creation. I like doing this so much I don’t mind staying up all night (as I have on my occasions) “working” on it. I hope you like it. If there is something you would like improved, please do let me know. Web design and application is not my specialty. I took only one e-commerce class in college where we spent about 2 weeks on HTML. Everything I know about HTML and related web languages, I learn on my own. And continue to do so. If you know something about this, and would like to give me some pointers, I would love to take it. And thanks in advance.